RENT SAMPLE PACKS rents out sample packs for distributing cans, bottles, pre-packaged food, and other giveaways. Whether you need just one sample pack or large quantities, we always have a fitting offer for you quickly. The sample packs are high-quality, comfortable to wear, and practical.


The sample pack can be divided easily into different compartments. You can take out the products on both sides. In addition to cans and bottles, the sample pack is also great for other products. Think of chocolate bars, cereal bars, packaged cookies, but also non-food products such as newspapers, flyers, and promotional items.


Flag for extra visibility

Apron with three compartments

Compartment dividers

Manual for use

Delivery throughout Europe rents out mobile drink dispenser backpacks, sample packs, and belly trays throughout Europe. We send out the equipment to you by post and after use, you can simply send it back to us for an easy and efficient rental process.

How much can fit in?

With the handy compartment dividers, you can adjust the bag exactly to your products.

The Sample Pack can be utilized for both cans and bottles that hold a maximum capacity of 500ml.

40 cans of 330ml fit in a Sample Pack.

30 bottles of 500ml fit in a Sample Pack.


The rental company of mobile catering equipment. rents drink backpacks throughout Europe for large and small events. We always have sufficient materials in stock, so we can help you quickly and flexibly.