Branded drinking backpacks

It is possible to personalize your drinking backpack and to thereby express the uniqueness of your brand. Create a walking billboard with an individually printed backpack!

The design of the backpacks is up to you. You can for example continue the design of your event, present new products or communicate a powerful call-to-action. We are happy to help you design the best branding possible.

Standard & Luxurious Branding

There are two possibilities to brand your backpack: standard branding and luxurious branding. Standard branding includes a set of paper posters which can be slit behind the transparent foil of the backpack. The luxurious branding is made from high quality PVC and can be used multiple times. You decide on your preferred branding. If desired, can store the material for you so that you can use it again next time.

Luxurious Branding

  • Multiple purpose PVC sheets
  • Complete branding to the edges
  • Luxurious look
  • We store the material for you for free

Standard Branding

  • Can be organized on short notice
  • Perfect for one-time events
  • Set of paper posters behind transparent foil

No Branding

  • Backpacks will be delivered plain
  • Transparent foil
  • Can be filled with posters

Printed cups


Printing coffee or tea cups with your own chosen design? That’s also possible with us! Get cups in a chosen size printed with for example your logo or a special branding. Like this, serving coffee or other drinks will make an even greater impact! We offer printed cups from 1,000 pieces onwards.

Don’t have a design?


We are happy to create a design for your drinking backpack. We only print the design once you are completely satisfied with it. We help you create the perfect branded drinking backpack.