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The Coffee Backpack from is a mobile tap system that allows you to serve coffee at any location. The system is easy to handle and has a high wearing comfort. The Coffee Backpacks can also be personalized, making them a real eye-catcher.


Where can you use a Coffee Backpack?

The Coffee Backpack is often used at events, sporting events, fairs, markets and promotional campaigns on the street. No place is too crazy, with a Coffee Backpack you can deliver delicious hot coffee everywhere.

Everything you need!

Our materials are practical to use and comfortable to wear. We supply the bags with all kinds of accessories. For example, a transfer hose for easy filling of the bags and a small apron for milk, sugar and stirrers. You can completely personalize our mobile catering bags with your own branding so that they blend well into the style of your event.

Our Drinking Backpacks

The Drinking Backpacks from contain stainless steel kegs with a capacity of 11 liters. You can easily fill the kegs from your own equipment using the transfer hose supplied by us.

All Drinking Backpacks are shipped to you including:

  • Transfer hose
  • Apron with three compartments for, e.g. sugar, milk and stirrers
  • Flag for extra visibility
  • Cup holder
  • Return labels to return the bags to us

Sunday is always free as an extra rental day

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